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Posted on Kweevak.com, August 2006

OLGA – NOW IS THE TIME: Olga is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer. Olga was classically trained in piano, violin and voice at a young age and later she became captivated by the guitar and Jimi Hendrix. Olga is a skilled singer with a wide range. Her execution is crisp and clean or on occasion smoky and soulful. Olga is supported by a brilliant band on her latest twelve-track CD. Olga's music is steeped in the blues with shades of country, gospel, rock and soul. Her songs are contemporary yet they reflect a respect for the deep southern roots of the blues. The CD opens and remains strong with the title track, 'Now Is The Time' - a sultry song with a funky rhythm and smoking guitars including a slide. 'Can You Forgive Me' features a subtle, lush lap steel layered over snappy instrumentation and expressive vocals. Olga is real, rootsy and Now Is The Time for her to take the music world by storm!
• Recommended Tracks: (1,7) [USA/LA 2006 - web] (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for Kweevak.com)

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