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Billtown Blues Association Review

This is one of those pieces that took a while to grow on me, but grow on me it did. I do love this material. Here, Blues Country, Gospel and everything but the kitchen sink blend for a sound that is as warm as your grandmother's kitchen. It was recorded in memory of Memphis Minnie, and I do believe the lady would approve wholeheartedly. Simple, flowing, easy going and not so tightly regimented that there's no room for a bit of fun, Now Is The Time strikes a chord in the heart. Accompanied by husband Jimbo Mathus on all cuts and various other artists throughout the CD, this one offers no high-tech pyrotechnics, no special effects, just solid music performed quite well by artists who have a deep knowledge and true love for the music. Quite frankly, we used to have impromptu jam sessions every weekend where every musician for miles would gather to trade licks, shoot the shit and tip back more than a few drinks. This CD has very much that same laid back feeling. The disc also highlights Olga's talents as a songwriter, with 8 of the 12 tunes her originals and three tunes traditional numbers with additional verses written by Olga. Memphis Minnie's "What's The Matter With The Mill" is the one exception…and, perhaps my favorite cut on the CD.

-Bill Wilson, Billtown Blues Association, 2006

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