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World Voice Report.com, October 2007


Genre: Americana Secondary Genre: Blues
This is the second of an on-going series of reviews of up and coming music artists from around the globe. I, and the artists, would love to hear your comments at the bottom of this article. New Orleans, Louisiana based guitarist/singer-songwriter, Olga Wilhelmine is primarily a solo artist but, does share the stage on occasion with, Jimbo Mathus on guitar and his band which includes Eric Deaton on bass with Paul Taylor on drums. The lazy Sunday afternoon feel of "Your Love Don't Work Like Mine" is a toe tappin' rockin' chair on the porch song. The background vocals give it a real down south gospel feel. The end of the song flows out like a dream in water. The jazz influenced "Gotta Keep Moving" is a groove song that allows Olga to show off her silky, honest vocals while "GDTRFB" has a great old time mood provided by just the guitars and "Working On The Railroad" type of vocals. Another one of my favorites is the sixties mood inducing, "I Won't Ask". It's like "The Seeds" meets the modern south. The Kinks or Paul Revere and The Raiders would have done this song all the way down to the tinny sounding lead guitar. The totally honest feel of Olga's music is refreshing. Her lyrical abilities are most adept when writing about being on the road and surviving. I dig the in your face lyrics to "You Can't Keep A Good Girl Down", You can break my heart/Try and wreck my reputation/You can rip me off/Dump me at the station/But it don't matter/What you spread around/You can't keep a good girl down (copyright 2001/2007 owm/sperling lieder, BMI).

You do not want to miss her music video "Now Is The Time". Not only is it a very infectious and haunting song, again with a down and dirty southern feel, but watch Olga as she rolls down the tracks looking for that special moment in time. You can find it on YouTube. You can also visit her website at www.laolga.com. I think she says it all herself how believable she is in "For The Love Of Music" where she lets us know she is doing this for her own needs first. Bottom line is she may not be in it for us, be we are the lucky beneficiaries.

- reviewed by - John Trenting, www.worldvoicereport.com

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