Gotta Put My Hands On You

Baby baby, you've got such a sexy voice
Baby, baby, c'mon lemme hear your make some noise
I swear you put me out on a limb
God I hope I still remember how to swim

I know you live for the road
But your blues are touchin' my soul
There's one thing I just gotta do
Gotta put my hands on you!

Baby baby, you're feeling real good to me
Baby baby, you got me trippin' off my feet
I swear I must've known you befores
Can't be the first time you're knockin' at my door


I've been a dribbling mess
Since you drove off with my best
I've been looking for another muse
But you know all I really wanna do
Is put my hands on you!


Baby baby, I think about you when you're gone
Baby baby, I've been crazy Œbout you since day one
I swear I'm gonna melt right through the floor
Oh, I can't wait till your back knockin' at my door


©2001 OWM/Sperling Lieder, BMI



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