Keep it on the Down Low

Keep it on the down low
Keep it on the hush hush hush
Keep it on the down low
No one can know what's going on
No one can know what's going on
Between me and you

Hard to help it
When you're speakin' the blues
I know so well
We fit together like old tennis shoes, laces loose
I'm falling in
How sweet you brush my hair and touch my skin
You wanna love me too, you do, you do, you do


Now you ain' free
To love a ramblin' girl like me
Ain't it touch, ain' it rough to feel this way?
Our fleeting hearts
Would only blow this place apart
So only privately can you show yourself to me


I've got you hangin' on my mind
Like a jumper on the line
Only one way left right to go
Oh boy, no one can know!


2003 owm/sperling lieder, bmi



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