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Blues Matters! United Kingdom, February 2005

We've reviewed this lady before. She has grown since then! There are some interesting items on the sleeve notes including these bits: Most of the album was recorded at the WROX original studios where Robert Nighthawk, Elvis Presley and Ike Turner got their first starts - "Blues and beyond is how I describe this record. It's where we're at and where we'll be. see you in Mississippi". In Memory of Peggy Lee. The final part that made me smile was: "All musicians appear courtesy of the Blues.” I have to say that I like this gal. Her laid back approach soaks you up, she makes it seem so easy, in the States 'easy' has other meanings than we know in the UK and this album sums them all up I reckon with a dash of 'swamp' added. Each song is constructed for mood and with feeling and their own delicate grooves that delight will seduce you if you give her the chance... and you should do just that!!

The title track gets you in the frame of mind for more. "Remind ME Who I'm Talking To" has two part slide guitars and one lap steel combining to great effect and the song just lilts along so peaceable with the lap steel menacing in the background. Olga goes solo for "For The Love Of The Music", just her voice and acoustic telling how she lives her life. The more I listen the more I think here we've got Joni Mitchell meets the Blues head on. The voices don't match but the use of lyric, music and the added Down South-Swampness meets City thoughts kind of melds in. If you like your blues easy and thoughtful then this is for you.

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