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Colorado Blues Society, March 2003
Dave Angle

"These are mellow blues. I listened to this disc with my feet up, in front of the fire and sipping red wine. It is a perfect release for those mellow occasions. As the liner notes state, these tunes are raw. Blues Babe is a solo effort on which former Colorado resident Olga plays guitar and sings. Her voice is very sultry. I particularly like her singing on 'One Good Thing' and 'The Way We Were' (an original, not the Streisand pop hit). She has a low but dynamic vocal style and on 'The Way We Were' she phrases a quick rise in tone that sticks with you. Her guitar playing compliments her voice quite well - nothin' fancy, but all blues. This is an excellent solo blues CD. You can order the disc through her website, www.laolga.com or pick up a copy when she comes to Colorado this summer."

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