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Hallandsposten, Sweden, March 2003
Gert-Ove Fridlund

(English translation)
"The question is, could acoustic blues be any better than this? There is something very special about this singer and guitarist, who in many respects, is comparable to the big names. You would have to look long and hard to find someone with more passion."

"Olga, as she is called, seems to have found her own niche, combining acoustic country blues with singer/songwriter material."

"A love of the blues is evident in this album, which was recorded at a simple home studio. The technique paid off. The sound is great, never canned. The sound pulls the listener in and the inspiration is strong. Olga lives the blues and her style opens new windows to improvisation. You can hear that she follows her passion on these 14 tracks, all of which are original material with the exception of the Buddy Bolden tune 219 Train. Her technique on the guitar varies. She usually accompanies herself on different guitars, but you can also hear a washboard, bells and tambourine."

"You can feel a tug on your soul. As somewhat a newcomer, Olga has already enjoyed fabulous reviews for this solo debut, and has enjoyed great success on different stages throughout the U.S. Those who listen to Blues Babe will understand why!"

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